International shipping is the backbone of global trades!

Many eCommerce has been expanding to a global scale to reach a wider customer base, international shipping has soon become an integral part of their supply chains. Indeed, stepping into global trade could enhance sales potential and bring big profits to your eCommerce, however, sometimes things might go completely out of your control and global shipping could be a headache to you!

Typically under the pandemic of COVID-19 with all the new lockdown restrictions, the process of overseas shipping has become more rigorous and complex, and you may find these problems relatable when handling international deliveries:

  • High shipping costs
  • Freight damages or lost
  • Shipping delays
  • Packaging restrictions
  • Inaccurate estimation of delivery time
  • Expensive real-time parcel tracking
  • Additional taxes and duties charges

Overseas shipping is way too pricey for SMEs

With all these uncertainties and unavoidable shipping accidents, i.e. freight collisions, shipwrecks, machinery damages etc., your parcels might show up bent and broken, or might never make it onto the delivery truck.

Such incidents will not only adversely affect your customers’ service experience and brand image but also adds up more financial burden to your eCommerce, because you will end up bearing all the shipping losses and spending extra money to manage international order returns and refunds requests.

Don’t forget- As it involves shipments to different countries, the shipping guidelines and packaging regulations vary a lot. Such variations in labelling formats, prohibited items and taxes & duties charges will definitely make your overseas shipping procedures more complicated and challenging, as well as easier to encounter shipping mistakes if you are not familiar with those countries’ regulations.

Hence, it is very important for SMEs to start leveraging shipping insurance in order to ease your overseas shipping pains, otherwise, it will leave your eCommerce unprotected, suffering from extra fulfillment costs, levelling up the difficulties in controlling and predicting your shipping cost, as well as hindering your international eCommerce growth!

Why is shipping insurance worth getting?

Shipping insurance is a service that protects shippers from losses, damages or thefts during international shipments.

Indeed, it might be unnecessary and a waste of money to many eCommerce businesses, but when it comes to actual shipping problems, you will start questioning why didn't we include shipping insurance in the first place?

As all shipment involves risk of damages and losses, shipping insurance is a great investment that could help you - save time, save money, and reduce frustration!

For instance, you can benefit from:

  • Elevated shipping assurance and security
  • Guaranteed insurance coverage
  • Easy claims for any shipping damages/losses
  • Less hassle and paperwork
  • Got expertise to manage the complex shipping procedures
  • Better customer service experience

With bonuship’s new shipping insurance service - You can rest assured!

While all shipments have minimum coverage from shipping carriers, bonuship’s newly added shipping insurance offers greater logistic protection and convenience for a relatively small investment!

With us, you can enjoy our end-to-end smart logistic solution that covers all the necessary steps including order storing, picking, packing, shipping and returning with shipping insurance included.

We aim to minimize any of your potential loss, making sure your parcels will be kept properly and delivered safely to your global customers in the most cost-effective way!

Here are the highlights of bonuship’s newly-introduced shipping insurance service:

Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 3.25.46 AM.png

How can you benefit from our shipping insurance?

We got your back - The journey of your packages will be followed by our dedicated account manager, so you will not have to worry about anything!

Our manager will be the bridge between you and your packages, helping you to handle all the paperwork needed for money claiming or appeal for denial, and making sure that all your problems will be solved in time!

Also, we provide discounted shipping insurance for any loss or damages of shipments. If you just started your business, you may want to keep your cost as low as possible while minimising potential risks at the same time. bonuship is here to solve your logistic difficulties by ensuring the safety of your shipping with a decent shipping insurance price (2% lower than market standard) guaranteed.

More importantly, our insurance will cover up to 100% of the shipment value, meaning that under our protection, your business can still operate properly even if you are experiencing any shipping issues and it won’t cause you additional financial cost that lowers your bottom line.

International shipping is one of the most tedious parts of operation for many eCommerce businesses, but with the right working partner, this will surely smoothen your overseas shipping process and create a better service experience for your customers!

bonuship new added shipping insurance reimburses the full value of any shipping damages or losses, which allows you to maintain a healthier cash flow, delivering immediate customer service, as well as enjoying peace of mind.

Leave the matter to us - bonuship is capable of helping you overcome all these overseas shipping hurdles!