Starting and running a business is hard. Running a successful business is even harder.

Walking down memory lane to when we first launched bonuship - it was difficult to have our name be seen and be heard. In the digital era, people gain easy and instant access to information with the help of technology, posing big challenges for brands NOT to drown in the sea of information.

As a consumer, having a wide range of options available is probably favorable – but too many can be a nightmare for business owners and merchants. Regardless of how good your products and services are - the more options your consumers have, the fiercer the competition for your business, and perhaps the less likely for you to become the chosen one.

Order fulfillment is an essential part of every Direct-to-Customer (DTC) eCommerce business, which can be puzzling as your business scales up and sales surge. More importantly, customers are clearly expecting more (than ever) in the post-pandemic era in which they want their items ASAP without spending extra, along with big brands setting the standard higher and higher.

If you find yourself nodding nonstop to what we have just mentioned, chances are you panicking on business growth and order fulfillment– and this is why you should continue reading.

Q: What is Bonuship Buddy?

The idea behind Bonuship Buddy is simple and straightforward:

To drive mutual success – because your success is our success!

Bonuship Buddy is beyond a campaign, but a transformative mechanism.

It is an empowering outsourcing strategy to focus on your core competencies.
  • bonuship is capable of taking care of the whole order fulfillment process – from storing, picking and packing orders to shipping your goods, so you can focus on the important functions and activities of your business for efficient and effective operation management.

It is a practical solution for a hassle-free order fulfillment process in the short term.
  • As a third-party logistics provider, bonuship offers flexible solutions that scale with your eCommerce business. From the industry you are in, products you sell, target markets you target to customer behaviors and expectations, bonuship designs an ideal solution catered to your business landscape and goals.

It is a strategic step to take and strive for DTC business growth in the long term.
  • It is important for brands to embrace the emerging Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) trend. The journey of order fulfillment begins when a customer places an order, hinting at the opportunities for brands to serve customers directly. An order, if strategically managed, enhances customer acquisition and satisfaction, which correspondingly strengthens customer retention and advocacy.

Catch on to the DTC trend:

Q: How can I be benefited from joining #BonushipBuddy?

By joining #BonushipBuddy, you are entitled to:

  1. Turnkey order fulfillment solutions
  2. Seamless eCommerce fulfillment integration
  3. Fast & easy shipping
  4. Discounted shipping rates
  5. Access to a worldwide logistics network
  6. Happy customers

Don’t miss out on our time-limited offer - 3 months of free fulfillment services * - to save cost!

*Terms and conditions apply.

Q: How can I join #BonushipBuddy?

Simply share your brand story with us – from your achievements, difficulties to goals!

Only with the big picture and small details of your eCommerce business can we find the right antidote for you to improve and develop!

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Q: There are many 3PLs out there, why should I trust and choose bonuship?

As a subsidiary of SF Holding – one of the leading logistics providers in the Asia Pacific, bonuship is a logistics solution provider that empowers eCommerce startups and crowdfunders.

With years of expertise and experience in logistics and supply chain management, bonuship is committed to providing all-rounded eCommerce order fulfillment solutions.

Our store-pick-pack-ship process seamlessly integrates shipping and inventory into one solution, safeguarding your products to reach your customers’ doorstep, thus winning the hearts and minds of your customers.

Know more about our solutions:

Here at bonuship, we believe in synergy. If two minds are better than one – then why not?

As Buddy, let’s strive.

If you have any further queries regarding Bonuship Buddy, please do not hesitate to drop us a line or visit our official website at