Starting an eCommerce business may be easy, but succeeding in it is a different matter. Under the new normal, the eCommerce war has unavoidably intensified in which retailers have to look for new competitive edges to fight for a bigger slice of the pie.

Bonuship was created to empower, and we mean it.

Founded on the idea of 'Ship with Bonus', we’ve been investigating Dos and Don'ts throughout an order fulfillment process, modifying our solutions to tackle problems that potentially hinder the process. It's beyond dispute that it requires substantial human, material, and financial resources to fulfill every order, covering all the steps from the point of sale to delivering the product to a customer. The struggle is real.

While you put forth a lot of effort to win your customers' hearts and minds, you may lose them forever for merely a minor delivery delay or error. Pretty ridiculous and ironic, isn't it? Hence we develop our professional eCommerce fulfillment solutions in which we believe in the synergy of storing, picking, packing, and shipping - the SPPS model comprising 4 essential elements that make things simpler and create the best of all worlds.

After knowing the importance of a trustworthy eCommerce fulfillment partner, you may ask, 'why should I choose Bonuship over other logistics providers?' - and this question is gonna take us straight to the main discussion of this blog:

The core competencies of Bonuship

1. Groundbreaking Technological Advancements

Let's be frank that we, humans, do make mistakes. To optimize reliability and efficiency at our fulfillment centers, we embrace a human-robotic integration with our goods-to-man robots, realizing automated eFulfillment capable of a daily output of 2000+ orders.

Further to our human-robot team, we adopt the use of SaaS (Software as a Service) to enable customers' access to our solutions via cloud computing - from anywhere and anytime, bringing benefits to your doorstep.

2. Well-established Supply Chain & Global Network

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Powered by SF Supply Chain, we make the best of the Chinese logistics giant's global network, financial stability, and logistics ecosystem with high controllability and reliability - enhancing our eCommerce fulfillment services with expertise, experience, and cutting-edge technologies.

3. Prestigious Geographical Advantages

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Reputed as Asia's trading hub, Hong Kong has been prominent in the economic landscape with the city's export-oriented economy, as epitomized by its value of total exports of goods - registered at HK$392,216 million in December 2020 (Source: CSD. Available at

As an international financial center, Hong Kong has attracted trading partners worldwide, elevating the city's edge and popularity in the trading and shipping industry. Given its geographical location as a Chinese port city, Hong Kong serves as a prominent gateway to China, known as 'the world's factory', granting foreign businesses easy access to suppliers, abundant resources, and countless trading opportunities.

Based in Hong Kong, Bonuship is getting the full benefit from Hong Kong's supreme connectivity and Trade Policy: free of trade barriers, no tariff charged on import or export of goods, along with an effective and efficient 24-hour customs clearance.

4. Superior Customer Experience (Both for You & Your Shoppers!)

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Personalization has become an emerging trend in retail and, in many cases, a competitive advantage for retailers to add value to their products and services. As an all-in-one solution provider, we're capable of customizing packages to make your customers feel happy and special.

Besides, working with us gives you instant updates on our shipping rates, industry news, and information about customs clearance - not to mention exclusive discounts and promotions. Cheers to a seamless and effortless order fulfillment process!

As a final note, we are new but not a newbie in the field of order fulfillment.

Whether you're looking to elevate your business or simply struggling with the puzzling shipping and inventory process, Bonuship clears obstacles out of your path, as in you save time and resources for your core business activities.

Here's to a win-win outcome.

Together, we work on different aspects of your business to drive mutual success – on areas that each of us feels most comfortable with and most capable of!

'Ship with Bonus' is never a myth. Rather than being a truth, it's our commitment to you.