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Story behind our logo

Can you tell that there are two fishes in our logo? Inspired by a newspaper story , a man was stunned to find extra fishes inside a fish that he bought from the market, which was purely a bonus.

We illustrate this bonus concept and make up a double fishes as our logo, with a bunch of boxes as the fish scale. The plane illustrated at the tail which represent the efficient of delivery services.

We are striving to help you to catch more bonus fishes in the big eCommerce ocean.

Selling online just like fishing, we catch more for you

What’s the tricks to catch bonus fish with one bite of bait? Make good use of smart shipping software in your eCommerce businesses, you will earn much than your market rivals and go further.

Ship with bonus

Founded on the idea of 'Ship with Bonus', we’ve been investigating Dos and Don'ts throughout an order fulfillment process, modifying our solutions to tackle problems that potentially hinder the process. It's beyond dispute that it requires substantial human, material, and financial resources to fulfill every order, covering all the steps from the point of sale to delivering the product to a shopper.

Our roles

Standing upon the shoulders of the Chinese logistics giant, we are experienced in warehousing, shipping with advanced technologies to provide sophisticated supply chain solutions to eCommerce entrepreneurs and crowdfunding owners. Hence we develop our professional eCommerce fulfillment solutions in which we believe in the synergy of storing, picking, packing, and shipping - the SPPS model comprising 4 essential elements that make things simpler and create the best of all worlds.

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