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Who is bonuship?

bonuship is operated by SF Supply Chain (a subsidiary of SF Holding). The team has extensive logistics and supply chain experience. Relying on the integration of new technology platforms, we are committed to providing high-quality one-stop logistics solutions for eCommerce and crowdfunding platforms. From warehousing, distribution, packaging, delivery and return of goods, plus value-added services such as online store opening and marketing, we offer all-around support to your online business, help you build local and cross-border logistics networks, and connect you with global consumers and businesses.

Our Vision

As an industry leader, we pursue the development of businesses and the enhancement of competitiveness, this in turn fulfills social responsibilities, and the commitment to promoting regional economic development through our competitive advantages, so that stakeholders in various industries can generate synergies and create a win-win situation.

Is bonuship suitable for me?

We hope to break the myth that only big brands or large orders can choose high-quality warehousing and distribution services. bonuship is committed to promoting flexible logistics solutions, suitable for large and small businesses. Regardless of the brand size, regardless of the number of orders, we are happy to customize a suitable solution for you, to give you a premium experience at a reasonable price, and fully support your online business for success.

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