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Small Cargo Box



Enterprise Solution

Flexible logistics solutions,
suitable for large & small businesses

HKTVMall Shop

Maximize the efficiency of your HKTVmall store operation. Save time in processing orders and shipping goods.

Shopify Online Store

After API is docked, the orders from the Shopify online store will automatically be directed to our warehouse. The shipment will be processed automatically.

Crowdfunding Projects

Support your crowdfunding project, send your products to supporters worldwide.

Overseas Distribution

The system is pre-connected with overseas logistics providers to help you complete overseas customs clearance and easily do business with customers worldwide.

You rest at ease at home,
our experts will help you with online store logistics anytime, anywhere.

Order Management

bonuship’s own cloud system order platform, docking with multiple eCommerce platforms and fully automated order distribution and inventory management will save you logistics costs.


Our Class A self-operated warehouse meets internationally recognized standards. Located in the city center, adjacent to Hong Kong International Airport with 24-hour security and air-conditioning system. Your goods are safe from deterioration, bad weather and theft.

Value-added Services

The bonuship team can provide customized packaging services, including holiday gift boxes, additional packaging and labels, to help you build your brand image.

Shipment. Delivery.

We have connections with established logistics providers to support your online store local delivery (home delivery, self-pickup points in each district, convenience store and smart cabinets) and overseas delivery at reduced prices.


We are happy to provide you with online store return services. The bonuship team will inspect and accept the shipment for you. We also provide other customized value-added services, including returns to local warehouses, re-labelling, re-packaging, bulk recall and recycling of goods.

Flexible logistics solutions

Supported by SF Express, the experienced team ensures a simple process and helps you resolve eCommerce troubles anytime, anywhere.
Our system is integrated with major eCommerce platforms, so your orders can be easily and automatically transferred.
From warehousing, delivery, packaging, shipment to returns, you can confidently entrust the entire logistics distribution to us.
Local delivery can be initiated immediately. Smart cabinet pick-up or direct delivery to residential, industrial and commercial areas or remote areas at no additional charges (excluding Island District).
Enjoy a rich network of resources to meet the demands of your local distribution, domestic distribution and global distribution. Sell your good around the world and expand your geographical footprint to global emerging markets and increase profitability.
As an international logistics supply chain expert. We are experienced and reliable.
Take full advantage of AI and big data technologies to help seize market opportunities faster and deliver more profitable growth. The cloud software is stored in the data center in Hong Kong, all orders will be handled on a secure platform.
Online store opening and online store marketing, including services such as product launching, design, social media management and advertising. There are also customized packaging services to help you build your brand image.

International Class-A Standard Large Warehouse

Internationally certificated Class-A warehouse
The warehouse is equipped with a 24-hour security and fire-fighting system, only authorized persons are allowed to enter and exit the premises. The warehouse is safe and secure.
Intelligent Robot
Intelligent robots are equipped to automate the delivery process, which is especially suitable for customers with a wide range of products for it can reduce human error and increase operational efficiency.
Temperature Adjustment
Our warehouses are equipped with constant temperatures, air-conditioning and refrigerated storages to support different variety of goods. You’ll always find the perfect one for your goods.

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